Story County VERB

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Welcome to Story County VERB!

Iowa VERB is a coalition of communities, businesses, sports teams, clubs, and recreation services that have combined their efforts to help promote physical activity among K-8th grade individuals throughout the state. Signing up is free and enables kids to participate in Fun Events and receive Cool Deals from area businesses. Filling out a scorecard is easy. Everyday they are active for an hour or more, you can initial one of the yellow dots. Everytime they participate in a VERB sponsored event, they will receive a sticker on one of the red dots. When all the dots are filled, bring the card to the next VERB event to receive a prize! Each completed scorecard is also added to a drawing for Grand Prizes at the Finale Event in the end of July.

If you don't have a scorecard yet you can print one off from this page (bottom right) or you can pick one up at any VERB event!

Dropoff Location: 
Any VERB Summer Scorecard event!